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A Look at Sidney Eileen

Sidney Eileen
26 February 1978
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  • sidneyeileen@livejournal.com
I am an artist living in Davis, CA. My art is focused on realistic representation of animals and fantasy subjects. I am also a returning college student, focused on the study of philosophy. I have more hobbies than one one person needs, including sewing, corsetry, costuming, embroidery, reading, writing, hiking, baking, and whatever else happens to have caught my attention this week.

I love animals, grew up in Sonoma County, California, and have been an avid artist ever since I could hold a pencil. I love drawing subjects, particularly animals, fantasy subjects, and mythological creatures. I have always considered realism to be my ultimate artistic goal. Unless I am drawing in a style that is inherently un-realistic (anime and traditional Celtic), I am not usually happy with a piece unless it is a close imitation of reality. I want my art to look like it could come out of the page, even if the subject is something entirely fantastic.

I will take commissions for many of my arts and crafts, including drawings and clothing. I also enjoy sharing information about my hobbies, so if you are interested in trying anything for yourself, feel free to ask questions.