Sidney Eileen (sidneyeileen) wrote,
Sidney Eileen

My New Web Site

My new web site is up and running. It's not perfect yet, and it's not complete, but it is running. All the product information, portfolios, and tutorials from the old site have been transferred, along with about 1/3 of my old blog entries. In the next few weeks expect the layouts to change, especially in the portfolios and the sidebars. I'll also be continuing to add all my old blog entries.

Current Features:
  • My sewing, corsetry, and art blog is now up and running. In the next few days I will resume updates with WIP, musings on sewing and drafting, notification of new tutorials and articles, notification of upcoming workshops, information about new learning tools and other for-sale items, and an entirely new blog feature titled "Historic Inspirations".

  • Library of tutorials and articles is up and current. I will be continuing to add to the library over time.

  • Commission information is available on bespoke corsets, artwork commissions, and some costuming items. Please use the contact form for a precise quote on any items, including those not specifically listed.

  • Portfolio of past work in corsetry, costuming, and fine art.

  • General and targeted RSS feeds for log categories, and portfolio images.

  • User accounts, allowing in-system messaging, commenting without CAPTCHA or moderation, user profiles with as much or as little privacy as you want, and in-site subscription to RSS feeds and bookmarking without cluttering your email and other external systems.

Coming Soon:
  • Event calendar, with enrollment information and notification on upcoming workshops and events.

  • Shopping cart, with a comprehensive listing of available ready-made clothing and costume items, artwork, and learning tools.

  • User account enhancements and added interactivity.

  • Refined layout, for easier use of web site features.

  • Complete index of past blog entries.
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